There are many reasons you may wish to take acting lessons:

  • An actor honing their craft
  • A student wishing to gain entry to Drama School
  • A business person wishing to improve their career
  • Public Speaking confidence
  • Be understood better with vocal and body language training
  • Learn the tricks of the acting industry that most actors don't know
  • Dealing with trauma

There are not many decent courses to learn these and most teach the same old bull.

The most important ingredient is you. Your goals. My job is to best give you the tools so you can achieve them.

I teach one on one. It focuses all the attention on just you for the time we are together. If you're in a group you can get lost and pay a handsome amount of money to do so.

I either visit my students at their homes, if preferable to you (travel expenses will be added) or in South London (Croydon Area). 

and set up a meeting.